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Time for a bathroom renovation?

Trust our team to manage your bathroom renovation, from design through to completion. Call us for a no-obligation consultation. We’d love to discuss how we can help you transform your bathroom to suit your lifestyle and budget.

The benefits to updating your bathroom are the increased space and the improved aesthetics. If the room is old and outdated, it’s likely that the styles and fixtures are bland and old. With a bathroom renovation, you’ll love your new space.

Bolt Build will source quality materials, appliances, fixtures and fittings and will oversee all operations, ensuring your bathroom renovation is a stress-free, seamless experience.

More Energy Efficiency

Older, outdated plumbing fixtures use more water than those that are more current and energy efficient. A Bolt Build bathroom renovation will ensure the new fixtures, fittings and appliances will reduce your environmental footprint and cost of utilities while increasing the value and the bathroom experience of your home.

Increased Property Values

A home improvement project can greatly increase a home’s value, and bathroom renovations are no exception. With better, more stylish fixtures and energy efficient plumbing additions, any home can be made more attractive to prospective buyers, and it will command a higher market price when it is time to sell.

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